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Zac Gery08/09/13
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A Respectful Guide to Developer Termination

Behind all the procedures, rules, and processes there is a person who will be without a job. This is a common area where many managers and companies lose focus.

Reza Rahman08/09/13
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An Overview of JSON-P

JSON is quickly becoming the de facto data interchange format on the web, especially with powerful JavaScript clients, Ajax, REST and HTML 5 WebSockets.

Pushpalanka Jay...08/09/13
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How to Install Windows in a Virtual Machine on Ubuntu

Recently I wanted to run Windows inside my Primary OS - Ubuntu 12.04. I didn't want to go for dual boot option so I decided to use a virtual machine and install Windows inside Ubuntu. I faced couple of problems and here share my experience with how I overcame them.

Marina Sprava08/09/13
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Running Multiple Domain Names on Apache Server

Of course your PHP website domain name is a front-page online property. Your customers use it to access your site and it’s closely connected with your site’s brand. BTW the words that make up a domain names are used by search engines to evaluate websites in search results.

John Gresh08/08/13
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Beyond Injection of Concerns (IOC): Elimination of IOC in Business Logic Where It is Not Merited

Injection should not be routinely used in cases where no benefit can be clearly demonstrated. This means that in most cases the writers of business logic should not use injection. We will demonstrate this with a simple example. This example is a simple application but the principles demonstrated here are also applicable to all applications especially large scale applications including large scale web applications.

Ofer Kfir08/08/13
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Game Changers - How adopting new systems can become growth hacking tools

Growth hacking has become quite the buzzword in business of late and there are many definitions out there of what growth hacking is and where it applies

John Ferguson Smart08/08/13
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Advanced TDD/BDD Master class - Learn TDD/BDD from the author of BDD in Action

Test Driven Development (TDD) is an essential technical skill for any modern development team. But TDD is notoriously hard for teams to adopt effectively without experienced guidance.

Tarun Sapra08/07/13
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JIRA 5.2 Essentials - Book Review

Learning how to use JIRA efficiently for Administration purpose and getting more insightful information than what has been provided as part of official Jira documentation.

Robert Maclean08/07/13
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GitHub: Why it's right for open source and (probably) wrong for you

For most of the software development projects in the world, GitHub is the wrong choice for their hosting needs. This is because for most of the world is NOT developing open source software and thus the pricing model for GitHub fights against you.

G. Andrew Duthie08/07/13
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Quick Tips: Analytics and Inprivate Browsing

Whatever analytics package you use to understand your site traffic, it likely uses cookies or IP addresses to exclude your visits from the statistics.

Aaron Klein08/07/13
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Why Buy a Cloud Monitoring Tool? 2 Reasons: Time and Money

The cloud is complex with millions of pricing, resource, and configuration choices. Choosing the optimal combination requires thoughtful planning and action. In other words, benign neglect and wishful thinking is not the answer to controlling costs, resources, and security.

Christian Grobmeier08/07/13
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Apache log4j is the leading logging framework

According to a survey from Zero Turnaround Apache log4j is the leading Java logging framework.

Altuğ Altıntaş08/06/13
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Considerations in Bug Reporting

It is not possible to escape from bugs in software world. No matter what type of application, bugs may occur at any time and this is a very natural process. But feedback of the bugs found to the application developers may be unnatural.

James Carr08/06/13
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Immutable Servers with Packer and Puppet

Lately I’ve been becoming more and more of a fan of is the concept of Immutable Servers while automating our infrastructure at Zapier. The concept is simple: never do server upgrades or changes on live servers, instead just build out new servers with applied updates and throw away the old ones.

Rahman Usta08/06/13
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Integration of Spring MVC and Mustache

Spring MVC uses InternalResourceViewResolver class as default resolver, and this resolver class works with JSP view objects. But in Spring MVC, there are also resolvers that can resolve the different view technology. Here you will be introduced with the MustacheViewResolver class which resolves the Mustache template architecture.

Pascal Alma08/06/13
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Source control your database with Liquibase

I recently started to use Liquibase on a project to keep track of the database changes in our Java Enterprise application. I must say that I like the way it works. It makes the deployment of my application (or a new release of it) to another environment easier and (more) fool proof.

Daniel Doubrovkine08/05/13
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Precompiling Rails Assets before RSpec/Capybara Integration Tests

The first Capybara integration test always tends to timeout when compiling assets on-demand. It’s just damn too slow. Precompile your assets before the test is run.

Cedric Beust08/05/13
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Bringing down servers, one character at a time

The bug went unnoticed in production for a few days until suddenly, the servers started pinning all their CPU's and shortly thereafter, depleting the memory of each instance.

Senthil Kumar08/05/13
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5 IDEs For Ruby On Rails Developers

This blog post will list out some of the IDE‘s which are used by the Ruby on Rails Developers.

Christopher Taylor08/04/13
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Defeat office politics or they’ll defeat you

Politics have been with us since the first cave man decided he wanted influence over the next cave man. It’s a reality of human nature that we all want to get ahead and some are willing to do more than others to make that happen.

Paul Reed08/04/13
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The Ship Show: Training, Vapid or Valuable?

Earlier this year at ChefConf, rabble-rouser Sascha Bates proclaimed that “training is pointless! Why do training when you can just sequester yourself away and read a book!” But, within earshot were Julian Dunn and Nathen Harvey, who both lead training for a living. This episode, we mediate the 'dispute,' tackling training, learning styles, and industry technical certifications.

Abhishek Kumar08/04/13
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Puppet: A Beginner's Concept Guide (Part 4) ~ Where is my Data?

When I started my Puppet-ry, the examples I used to see had all configuration data buried inside the DSL code of manifests, people were trying to use inheritance to push down data. Then I got to see a design pattern in puppet manifests keeping out separate parameters manifest for configuration variables.

Amit Saha08/03/13
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Notes on writing systemd unit files for Beaker’s daemon processes

Recently, I had a chance to write systemd unit files for the daemon processes that run as part of Beaker: beakerd which is the scheduling daemon running on the server and the four daemons running on the lab controller – beaker-proxy, beaker-provision, beaker-watchdog and beaker-transfer.

Michael Mccandless08/03/13
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A New Version of the Compact Language Detector

It's been almost two years since I originally factored out the fast and accurateCompact Language Detector from the Chromium project, and the effort was clearly worthwhile: the project is popular and others have created additional bindings for languages including at least Perl, Ruby, R, JavaScript, PHP and C#/.NET.

Paul Hammant08/02/13
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Elastic Provisioning of New Environments

A high functioning Agile development team is going to be able to new environments casually. Those could be permanent environments, but are more likely to be temporary and for a discrete purpose. A two-week performance measurement project could be one. Why not use a pre-existing environment though?