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Ariya Hidayat12/16/13
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JavaScript Kinetic Scrolling: Part 3

In the third part of this JavaScript kinetic scrolling series, the so-called snap to grid feature is demonstrated. The implementation is rather straightforward: It is a matter of figuring out where the scrolling should stop and then adjusting that target position to the intended location.

Hubert Klein Ikkink12/15/13
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Groovy Goodness Notebook Updated with New Groovy 2.2 Features

The updated book now includes the following new subjects, including new Groovy 2.2 features:

Ayende Rahien12/14/13
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More Thoughts About Compression and Storage

One of the things that the author liked in LevelDB is that it pretty much had compression built in from day one. The entire format is built to save space just about wherever it can. LMDB, in contrast, went quite the opposite way.

Doug Turnbull12/13/13
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Codd’s Relational Vision: Has NoSQL Come Full Circle?

Much of the NoSQL movement feels like a rebellion against the “old timey” feeling relational databases. The author thought it would be fascinating to dig into the value of relational databases. In short, relational databases were the noSomething, and he aimed to find out what that something was.

Mikio Braun12/12/13
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Mark Zuckerberg at NIPS: My Brain Melts.

So this actually happened: Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, has attended the annual NIPS (Neural Information Processing Systems Foundation) conference in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. This is pretty remarkable, given the way the hype around deep learning has increased this year.

Dustin Marx12/12/13
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Listening and Logging Ant Output in Groovy

In the comments section of my post Executing Ant Build File Targets from Groovy, CRC recently asked, "I've used your script and it seems to work but I could't see any output at the console (I'm calling a echo task in build.xml), why?"

Andreas Kollegger12/11/13
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Neo4j 2.0 Released: 5 Ways It Will Help You Kick Ass

The author happily announces the final 2.0 release of Neo4j, which comes packed with new features. In this article, you'll find a complete overview of the new release, covering UX improvements, labels on nodes, optional schema, increased cypher functionality, and much more.

Eric Sedor12/11/13
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Tuning MongoDB Performance with MMS

Some of the best tools available for gaining insight into our MongoDB deployments are the monitoring features of MongoDB Management Service (MMS). This post covers a general approach to using MMS and MongoDB log files and provides techniques to help you optimize your own MongoDB deployment.

Itamar Syn-hershko12/11/13
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Why Elasticsearch? - Refactoring Story, Part 3

In previous posts, the author mentioned that he wanted to keep using Lucene to build on top of existing knowledge and experience, but do this while scaling reliably and without too much pain. Elasticsearch turned out to be a perfect fit for, and in this article, you'll learn why.

Mark Needham12/11/13
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Neo4j: Using Aliases to Handle Messy Data

One of the common problems when building data-heavy applications is that names of things in the domain are often named differently depending on which system you get the data from. In this article, the article approaches the problem using aliases, rather than the usual technique of a normalization process.

Alec Noller12/11/13
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When Hadoop Gets Stuck: Debugging Hive

This recent article discusses how to debug Hive (Hadoop) through an anecdote regarding a customer's struggling Hive job. According to the author, there are downsides to working with Hadoop, and sometimes it does not offer a lot of information in terms of what has gone wrong.

Hubert Klein Ikkink12/11/13
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Grails Goodness: Rendering Partial RESTful Responses

Grails 2.3 added a lot of support for RESTful services. For example we can now use a respond() method in our controllers to automatically render resources.

Alec Noller12/10/13
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21 Presentations from NoSQL Matters

The NoSQL Matters conference took place in Barcelona on November 30th, and now you can find slides from the presenters all collected in one place. The presentations collected cover a wide range of topics: Redis, MongoDB, DynamoDB, Riak, Neo4j, and more, including topics discussing NoSQL as a whole.

Mark Needham12/10/13
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Neo4j and Cypher: Creating Relationships Between Nodes From Adjacent Rows in a Query

The author wanted to introduce the concept of a season into his graph so that he can have import matches for multiple years and then vary the time period which queries take into account. In this article, you'll find out how he did it.

Alec Noller12/10/13
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Big Data Search with Solr and Hadoop

This set of slides on the applications of Apache Solr and Hadoop in search takes an interesting look at one of the key uses of Solr and Hadoop. The slides give a brief overview of the technologies, then explore a wide variety of different subjects in Solr and Hadoop.