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Václav Pech06/02/10
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Flowing With the Data

I'd like to elaborate a bit on dataflow concurrency, one of the concurrency abstractions GPars provides to the Groovy enhusiasts out there. And we'll only focus on the easier part of it - dataflow tasks and variables, leaving the domain of dataflow...

James Sugrue05/24/10
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100 DZone Refcardz And Counting...

Congratulations to DZone today, as we released the 100th Refcard. The series has gone from strength to strength and having seen some of the cards on the way over the next few months, shows no signs of slowing down. The most impressive things about the...

Eric Hagan05/21/10
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The Birth of GroovyMag

When Michael Kimsal first got involved with Groovy, he noticed that Grails had a lot of things out of the box, but it didn't have a "press a button and...

Jared Richardson05/20/10
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Software is Like Pornography

There's a famous quote from the United States Supreme Court a few years ago. They were trying to determine what was art and what was pornography. Lawyers being what they are, they were trying to quantify what pornography was so they could write it down......

Alex Tkachman05/18/10
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Cheapest possible EC2 instances with Groovy++

Cloud computing is really hot topic now. The promise of no capital investment in to computing infrastructure and paying for only what you actually use is really big thing. More and more companies (especially startups and small entities) either consider or...

Jared Richardson05/17/10
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What Is Great Software?

Every so often someone writes an article talking about what great code, or beautiful software, is (or insert some other superlative.) And, surprise! surprise! It always looks like just like the author's code! It's funny how that works out. Let's take a...

Mitch Pronschinske05/11/10
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JavaOne 2010 Accepted Talks - Post Yours!

JavaOne 2010 (alongside Oracle develop) is just four months away, and the anticipation is really boiling now.  The blogosphere and twittersphere are abuzz with joyful recipients of JavaOne 2010 acceptance letters from Oracle this morning.  Since Oracle...

Alex Tkachman05/11/10
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Groovy concurrency in action: asynchronious resource pools with Groovy++

Message passing concurrency is very convinient tool for building highly performant applications. Very roughly speaking the idea is that we try to avoid thread locking when awaiting for resources and instead of that send messages to reactive objects when there...

Mitch Pronschinske05/04/10
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Grails With Terracotta: A Few Lines of Config

Dave Klein, the author of "Grails: A Quick-Start Guide" and Mike Allen, the Terracotta Product Manager, recently presented a seminar entitled "Clustering and Scaling Grails Apps: A Simple Approach."  Using an example application from...

Alex Tkachman05/03/10
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Groovy concurrency in action: agents with Groovy++

Several weeks ago we've talked about lock free message passing algorithms with Groovy++ and provided implementation of actors similar to the ones in Scala or Erlang but faster. Today we will use same technique to implement similar but different concept from...

Jared Richardson05/03/10
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Are You Smart or Dumb?

What's the difference in smart and dumb? I've come to believe it's two things. How far ahead you can think into the future and how quickly you can do that thinking.When someone is playing chess, pool, or poker, their skill is determined by how many moves...

Jared Richardson04/29/10
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Do You Like Pain?

I have a co-worker who's never happy. Never. But today it's even worse. He just lost an hour or two of his work. He was writing code that deleted a large number of files, and due to an error in the code, it deleted everything- including the script he was...

Debasish Ghosh04/26/10
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DSL Interoperability and Language Cacophony

Many times I hear people say that DSL based development often leads to a situation where you have to manage a mix of code written in various languages, which are barely interoperable and often need to be integrated using glues like ScriptEngine that makes...

Mitch Pronschinske04/22/10
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IntelliJ and TeamCity Load Up on New Features

This week JetBrains unleashed two version updates for its flagship development tools.  The releases included IntelliJ IDEA 9.0.2, JetBrains' IDE platform, and Team City 5.1, their continuous integration and build server.  IntelliJ features Groovy, GWT, and...

Peter Ledbrook04/15/10
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Does Groovy code require more tests than Java code?

Many of the complaints I've heard directed at Groovy and Grails derive from the same issue: the compiler doesn't pick up type errors. People worry that simple typos will make it into production and that they'll be less productive due to MissingMethod and...