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Hubert Klein Ikkink07/11/10
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Groovy for Domain-Specific Languages

Groovy for Domain-Specific Languages has the subtitle 'Extend and enhance your Java applications with Domain-Specific Language in Groovy'. The book is aimed at Java developers who want to write a...

Mitch Pronschinske07/09/10
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Get Your Hands on Griffon 0.9!

An early snapshot of Griffon 0.9 went live today and is available for your downloading pleasure. This will be the fifth major release of the Grails-like application framework for building desktop apps in Groovy.  Some exciting new features include packaging...

Mitch Pronschinske07/07/10
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Teiid 7.0: Simpler and Faster

JBoss' Teiid project has had a long, nine month journey to shed its skin, and now the 7.0 release is finally here with a redesigned architecture and less legacy code (MetaMatrix).  Teiid 7 also integrates seamlessly with JBoss App Server, JBoss...

Václav Pech06/25/10
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Memoize Groovy functions with GPars

Once again I looked over the fence into the Clojure garden for inspiration and came back attracted by the memoize function, which, simply put, enables caching of function's return values. You call a function once - it will do...

Eric Hagan06/23/10
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Video: Three Open Source Projects

Shawn Hartsock currently works on PNG-J, which is a pure Java re-implementation of the PNG libraries.  He is also working on a QR plugin for Grails, which is...

Eric Hagan06/23/10
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Video: Domain object "mangling" in Grails

In the Grails community, they're trying to figure out how to merge current view technologies (e.g. jQuery, jQueryUI, Google Widgets) with the Grails...

Alex Tkachman06/20/10
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Groovy++ in action: DSL for embedding HttpServer

JDK6 introduced great but probably not too widely known possibility of embedding lightweight http server in to your application. If you are not aware about it as I was here is the link for javadocs of simple and nice API Of course, several great options for...

Charles Ditzel06/16/10
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NetBeans 6.9 IDE & Platform Released: 7 Videos

NetBeans IDE 6.9 is released and is now available.  There is a video guided tour of NetBeans 6.9 which you can find here.  Additionally, there are a number of new videos covering the new release -

Jared Richardson06/14/10
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Code Like Kudzu!

My technical brethren (and sistren) in the southern United States are probably more familiar with Kudzu than many of you, but it's a very fast growing type of vine. It's reputed to grow a foot a day when in perfect growing conditions. In the southern US, it...

Eric Hagan06/10/10
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Video: Tales of a DSL-Maker

Shawn Hartsock works with the SaaS Tempo framework, which offers data capture services and clinical study management services to organizations that are trying...

Lyndsey Clevesy06/09/10
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Video: Fun with Gradle

For his open source work, Robert Fischer has stumbled upon tools like Gradle and Bytescript, a Ruby based DSL for the JVM.  He's also been finishing a couple...

Jared Richardson06/07/10
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Exercise, Good Choices, and DDT

Test automation is a lot like exercise. If you've not done much of it lately, it tends to hurt a bit when you start back. If you've never written tests before, it's going to be just like squats when you first do a few. You're not going to like it. In fact,...

Jonathan Giles06/07/10
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Making it Big in Software: Get the Job. Work the Org. Become Great.

'Making it Big in Software' is an interesting and useful read, but you really have to spend the time to consider the advice and wisdom this book has to offer - otherwise it is very easy to miss...

Václav Pech06/02/10
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Flowing With the Data

I'd like to elaborate a bit on dataflow concurrency, one of the concurrency abstractions GPars provides to the Groovy enhusiasts out there. And we'll only focus on the easier part of it - dataflow tasks and variables, leaving the domain of dataflow...

James Sugrue05/24/10
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100 DZone Refcardz And Counting...

Congratulations to DZone today, as we released the 100th Refcard. The series has gone from strength to strength and having seen some of the cards on the way over the next few months, shows no signs of slowing down. The most impressive things about the...