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Gregg Bolinger02/05/10
5 replies

Using Groovy to Generate Objective-C

I'm in the process of porting a Windows Mobile application to the iPhone for a local company.  The existing Windows Mobile application uses a local database to store everything and then there is a manual sync process when the users have some kind of...

Eugene Vigdorchik02/04/10
2 replies

Immutable data structures in groovy++. Why not?

Immutable data structures are a hot topic these days. Indeed, they seem to solve the fundamental problem present in all destructively updated data structures: either you have to synchronize all accesses to the state of the data structure, or you risk that one...

Andres Almiray02/02/10
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Alex Tkachman on Static Groovy: the inside scoop

The notion of an statically typed Groovy has caused quite the waves lately in both Java and Groovy communities. Dzone caught up with Alex Tkachman, project founder and lead, and got the inside scoop on the project. Continue reading to learn more about the...

Matt Raible02/02/10
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Reviews for Grails: A Quick-Start Guide and Kanban and Scrum

A couple weeks ago, I had a business trip from Denver to Washington, DC. Since I didn't have any coding to do on the flight, I brought along a couple books and was surprisingly able to finish them both en route. Tech books that can be read in a single flight...

Sebastien Arbogast01/29/10
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Grails BlazeDS 4 Integration Plugin

One of the main goals I’ve been pursuing for a few months is the integration of Grails with Flex 4.

Mitch Pronschinske01/28/10
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JBoss and eXo's "Ultimate Mashup Platform"

In September 2009, JBoss and eXo Platform announced that they'd been working together on the GateIn portal project.  The GateIn portal is a merger of two projects that have been around for a while - JBoss Portal and eXo Portal.  By taking significant code...

Mitch Pronschinske01/26/10
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The Best Groovy Modules You Might Not Know About

It's no secret that Groovy and its many related goodies are quite popular, especially at DZone where the announcement of Groovy 1.7 got 137 up votes, making it the highest rated DZone link ever!  Plenty of people have heard about the Groovy-based frameworks...

Roshan Dawrani01/25/10
10 replies

A sneak peek into Groovy++ - What is it? Why is it there?

While some find Groovy language still in its infancy, others know that there is now Groovy++ and are all eyes and ears on what "++" of the language is going to bring, which itself was touted by some as Java++.

Eric Berry01/24/10
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Introduction to Grails Screencast

I come from the land of Ruby on Rails fanatics. I, myself, claim to be one.  However, over the last month or so, I've been dabbling with Grails.  The more I dabble, the more I become enamored with the framework.  Now, our company has decided to shift all...

Alex Tkachman01/12/10
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How come that Groovy++ overperform Java?

This article continues my writings on statically typed groovy. More information on motivations and goals of the project can be found in my previous articles published on DZone.To make a long story short "statically typed Groovy" (aka Static Groovy,...

Mitch Pronschinske01/11/10
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Popular Languages of 2009

The TIOBE index for 2009 says that Google's new Go programming language experienced more growth in popularity than any other language in 2009.  The growth is quite remarkable given that the language became available late in the year.  Is it all just hype? ...

Roshan Dawrani01/10/10
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Groovy Spring Integration: Using Groovy Scriptlets as Spring Beans

Spring’s support for scripting languages allows you to extend your Java applications with beans defined in a scripting language, such as Groovy. Spring container transparently instantiates, configure and dependency injects the beans across these supported...

Hamlet D'Arcy01/08/10
2 replies

Groovy AST Transformations by Example: Adding Methods to Classes

What can you do with a Groovy AST Transformation? A difficult question, considering the answer is "almost anything". One frequent use of AST Transformations is to write Groovy changes into the JVM .class files so that standard Java tools will know...

Matt Raible12/23/09
4 replies

Grails OAuth and LinkedIn APIs

Back in November, I wrote about how to talk to LinkedIn APIs with GWT. A week later, I figured out how to do it with Grails and contributed a patch to the grails-oauth plugin. Since then, a few folks have asked how I did it.

Tinu Awopetu12/18/09
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NetBeans Podcast #52: NetBeans IDE 6.8 Debuts!

It's been a busy month for the NetBeans team, and consequently, the last NetBeans Podcast of 2009 is packed full of news: NetBeans IDE 6.8 debuts with support for Java EE 6 and GlassFish v3!The NetBeans Platform returns to the spotlight.