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German Viscuso03/05/10
7 replies

db4o: Simple POJO Persistence

Ranging from mobile to web applications, and from plain old Java to Scala or Groovy dialects, a modern Java developer always needs an ace in the hole when it comes to dealing with data persistence. Ideally, you're looking for a solution that gives you enough...

Giorgio Sironi03/05/10
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Why I'm leaving Subversion for Git

I always believed in Subversion's potential and that it would be a wide improvement over the nightmare that was CVS, but I found out that, as Linus says, There is no way to do CVS right.

Alex Tkachman03/03/10
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Lock free message passing algorithms with Groovy++

Last time we talked about implementation of functional queues with Groovy++ Today we will use these queues to implement several algorithms for processing of asynchronious messages. You can find source code and more examples in the Groovy++ distroWhat we want...

Marcin Świerczyński03/02/10
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Initial value of primary key in Grails

I’ve recently came across a small issue in my Grails application. I had to set an initial value of auto-generated identifiers of my objects. Moreover, I had to use two different values in two classes. For example, identifiers in one table in database should...

Mitch Pronschinske03/02/10
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Twist 2.0: Test Automation in BDD - Now with Groovy

A lot of organizations transitioning to agile are focused on getting planning and communication practices in place, but they tend to neglect engineering practices until later.  ThoughtWorks Studios tries to correct this anti-pattern with its ALM tools, which...

Roshan Dawrani02/26/10
2 replies

Web Console - Run Groovy++ and Groovy scripts side by side

http://groovypp.appspot.com/ is a utility web console, if you are interested in a quick and simple check to see how a Groovy++ script compares to its dynamic Groovy equivalent - in terms of behavior, execution time, etc. It's a very basic app - you give it a...

Alex Tkachman02/24/10
17 replies

Why Scala actors slower compare to Jetlang and/or Groovy++ messaging

After this article was published Hossam Karim suggested several improvements, which significantly improved performance of Scala benchmark. That forced me to remove "15-20 times slower" from initial title of the article and include updated code...

Alex Tkachman02/22/10
1 replies

Fast immutable persistent functional queues for concurrency with Groovy

Everybody probably heard that functional data structures are great for concurrency. In this note I am going to show why is it so and to show how easy to implement highly performant functional queue with Groovy++. You can find source code and more examples in...

Mitch Pronschinske02/22/10
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Concurrent Programming in Groovy

It seems that the Groovy has a project for just about anything.  That's one of the reasons why the language is so popular.  The GPars library is an especially useful project in this new era of mult-core processors and concurrent programming.  Formerly...

Tinu Awopetu02/16/10
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NetBeans IDE 6.9 Milestone 1 Available for Download

The NetBeans team is pleased to announce that NetBeans IDE 6.9 Milestone 1 is now available for download. 

Michele Mauro02/15/10
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Book Review: 97 Things Every Project Manager Should Know

"97 Things Every Project Manager Should Know" is the kind of book that you read cover to cover and then keep near your workspace. Then, when you need advice, inspiration, or when you wonder...

Felipe Gutierrez02/15/10
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Sending Messages from Grails to Flex/BlazeDS

I started several weeks ago to see what we can do with Grails and its Enterprise side, and because where I'm working right now it's needed to do some messaging from the back-end to the clients (Flex clients); well, I did some modifications to the flex/grails...

Mitch Pronschinske02/15/10
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Griffon Front-End, Grails Back-End: Groovy End-to-End

The development teams for various Groovy projects have done a great job making all of their frameworks work well together when building and deploying applications.  If you visit the Network section of Griffon plugins, you might notice that all of those...

Hamlet D'Arcy02/08/10
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New in Groovy 1.7.1: Constructor Mocking and Half Mocks

The Groovy MockFor object got some fun new features this weekend: constructor mocking and "half-mocks". The tickets are marked for Groovy 1.7.1, so these features are available in the nightly builds or in the next few weeks as 1.7.1 is released. The...

Roshan Dawrani02/07/10
4 replies

Groovy.compareTo(Groovy++) - Part 1

My previous article A sneak peek into Groovy++ covered what Groovy++ is, what are the pros and cons of using it, where it fits compared to Groovy and Java and some high level differences between them. The purpose of this article is to go a bit deeper and try...