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Victor Savkin02/16/11
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Series: DSLs in Groovy, Part: 1

I’ve bought a book about domain specific languages by Martin Fowler recently. It is a great book showing different patterns that can be used when you write a DSL. The author illustrates all the patterns using three languages: Java, C# and Ruby as there...

Robert Diana02/10/11
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Web & Scripting Programming Language Job Trends – February 2011

At the beginning of this month, I compared the job trends for traditional programming languages like C++, Java and others. This is the second post of the recurring programming job trends posts, where we look at web and scripting programming languages....

Alex Tkachman02/08/11
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Groovy++ in action: how to make $5000 in one hour

Groovy is a great programming language. It is highly expressive, non-verbose and allows to avoid a lot of boilerplate code. I has very good libraries and perfectly integrates with Java and any other JVM languages. It is widely spread, has perfect IDE support...

Richard Freedman01/23/11
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Database Connection Pooling In Grails – solving the idle timeout issue

Grails turns database connection pooling on by default, and uses the Apache Commons DBCP library to do the pooling. With many of the popular JDBC drivers, this can cause a failure when the application is accessed after a long idle time, commonly when a...

Den D.01/19/11
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HTML5 gets a logo, but isn't ready yet as a final product

Fireworks and celebrations, HTML5 got a logo. Cool, isn't it? Or is it? A standard that didn't reach a final revision is already marketed as the next-generation panacea that will help everyone on the web. You can buy stickers and shirts, put the logo on your...

Tim Dudgeon01/15/11
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Instant JChem Reaches Version 5.4 & 5 Years

New version of NetBeans Platform application for chemistry Instant JChem 5.4 has just been released. This is the latest version of our NetBeans Platform application for chemists and biologists, and allows them to manage, search and analyse chemical and...

Den D.01/13/11
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So you want to get that TFS-powered project from CodePlex...

CodePlex currently hosts 19845 projects. If you've used CodePlex before, then you probably know that you can get the pre-built library/executable/package if such is provided by the developer. But you can also download the source code. There are a couple of...

Maricel Quesada01/08/11
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Using multiple datasources in a Grails project: Datasources plugin

Grails only supports the use of one Datasource and one SessionFactory and all classes use them, which might cause some problems when you have the need to work with multiple databases in the same project. This can be solved thanks to Burt Beckwith, he...

Václav Pech01/06/11
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Concurrency and background tasks in Grails

Can web applications benefit from concurrent programming? Should web developers know how to make multiple threads behave and cooperate safely? If you've ever shared data across concurrent HTTP requests, jugled cooperating AJAX calls or simply needed to reduce...

Den D.01/05/11
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MonoDroid in public beta

It was announced by Miguel de Icaza, the project lead for Mono (the open-source implementation of the .NET Framework) that the MonoDroid beta is now open for public access. MonoDroid is an abstraction layer on top of the Android SDK that allows .NET...

Ted Neward01/03/11
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Tech Predictions, 2011 Edition

Long-time readers of this blog know what’s coming next: it’s time for Ted to prognosticate on what the coming year of tech will bring us. But I believe strongly in accountability, even in my offered-up-for-free predictions, so one of the traditions of...

Radoslaw Holewa12/23/10
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Talking Groovy, Programming Languages, and Code Quality with Hamlet D'Arcy

Welcome to the third in a series of interviews dedicated to learning more about JetBrains Development Academy Experts. This time we will interview Hamlet D'Arcy. Hamlet is a Groovy commiter, frequent speaker at Java and Groovy conferences and very active...

Mitch Pronschinske12/08/10
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If You Could Only Learn 3 Languages - RESULTS

After about three weeks I finally have the results for the Learn-Only-3-Languages survey.  The sample size was really great.  I got about 2,300 responses to the survey!

Matt Stine12/03/10
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Executable Specifications: Automating Your Requirements Document

One of the biggest problems in software development is the "DONE" problem. We have in our possession a stack of index cards representing user stories and we're tasked with transforming them into working software. How do we know when we've...

Mitch Pronschinske11/19/10
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Grails Gets Some FitNesse Finesse

Erik Pragt, who also wrote DZone's "Getting Started with FitNesse" Refcard, is the author of a new Grails plugin that brings the power of FitNesse acceptance testing to Grails apps.