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Hamlet D'Arcy04/09/10
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Groovy 1.7.2 - Three Features Worth the Upgrade

Groovy 1.7.2 was released 22 hours ago, so by now you have surely spent hours playing with the new bits and combing through the release notes looking for new nuggets of productivity.Or maybe not.For all those busier than me, here are the top 3 reasons to...

Alex Tkachman04/08/10
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Groovy++ v0.2 Small version number but huge milestone

Today is very big day for Groovy++ team and me personally. Version 0.2 of Groovy++ is available now for download. Please go to http://code.google.com/p/groovypptest/ and give it a try.Only (or already) 17 weeks ago we opened very first preview of Groovy++. It...

Gregg Bolinger04/02/10
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Better Scaffolding with jQuery - Part II

In Part I of this series I showed how we can improve the user experience by changing the default scaffolding when saving the many side of a one-to-many association.  The server side code changes were minimal and jquery made the client side changes very...

Mitch Pronschinske04/01/10
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Case Study: How OSS Helped One Startup Beat Larger Companies

Many companies are still not comfortable with using a software solution unless they are paying for it.  However, tech companies that use mainly Open Source Software in their development stack, once a rarity, are now becoming more common.  The overall...

Alex Tkachman04/01/10
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GrUnit: inline tests in Groovy

I love tests. I need tests. But I need easier way to write tests. Inline tests is a way to write test directly in the Groovy source code. This article is direct continualtion of GrUnit: Groovy way of unit testing and almost everything described there is...

Alex Tkachman03/31/10
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GrUnit: Groovy way of unit testing

There is continuation of this article now We, Java/Groovy developers, write unit tests all the time. I believe there is no need to convince anybody why is that important. My goal today is to show small but convinient experimental tool included in to Groovy++...

Gregg Bolinger03/25/10
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Better Scaffolding with jQuery - Part I

Grails scaffolding works great out of the box.  Today I want to see how we can improve adding data to the many side of a one-to-many relationship using jQuery, jQueryUI's Dialog, and some Ajax.  Using the same domain objects as my previous article I want to...

Alex Tkachman03/19/10
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Cluster discovery with Groovy++

First networking application I wrote in my life (OMG, it was 17 years ago) was very interesting. We were developing marine navigation system - electronica chart + connections to GPS, radars and other sensors. At some point it became obvious that one computer...

Gregg Bolinger03/15/10
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[Grails] Persisting Indexed Properties and their Parent

Most of the time, GORM handles the persisting of domains and their associations transparently.  Specifically, for a one-to-many relationship, assuming it is bi-directional, all you need to do is have a persisted instance of the ‘one’ side and simply call...

Alex Tkachman03/11/10
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Multiverse: Open Source Software Transactional Memory for Java. Interview with creator

Today we have pleasure to talk with Peter Veentjer creator and lead developer of very interesting open source project called Multiverse

Mitch Pronschinske03/09/10
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Ehcache 2.0 Gets More 'Enterprisey' Features

Today, Terracotta is releasing new versions of Ehcache and the Terracotta infrastructure.  Terracotta's open source products offer enterprise-level capabilities that you might find in a high priced proprietary product like Oracle Coherence.  Today's bundle...

Mitch Pronschinske03/08/10
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Mylyn Expands

Today, the Eclipse Mylyn project is announcing a major restructuring with the creation of several different sub-projects for each key Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) category.  DZone spoke with Mik Kersten, the founder of the Mylyn project and CEO of...

German Viscuso03/05/10
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db4o: Simple POJO Persistence

Ranging from mobile to web applications, and from plain old Java to Scala or Groovy dialects, a modern Java developer always needs an ace in the hole when it comes to dealing with data persistence. Ideally, you're looking for a solution that gives you enough...

Giorgio Sironi03/05/10
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Why I'm leaving Subversion for Git

I always believed in Subversion's potential and that it would be a wide improvement over the nightmare that was CVS, but I found out that, as Linus says, There is no way to do CVS right.

Alex Tkachman03/03/10
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Lock free message passing algorithms with Groovy++

Last time we talked about implementation of functional queues with Groovy++ Today we will use these queues to implement several algorithms for processing of asynchronious messages. You can find source code and more examples in the Groovy++ distroWhat we want...