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Alex Tkachman10/27/10
5 replies

Groovy++ in action: statically typed dynamic dispatch

It already became common place to say that both dynamically and statically typed code have their own merits and drawbacks. Groovy builders (xml, markup or whatever) are huge example where dynamic dispatch wins big time compare to statically typed code in...

Matt Stine10/22/10
5 replies

To Selenese or not to Test? That Seems to be the Question.

We had a very good turnout for the Automated Browser Testing Poll this week. Before I get into my musings about what happened, here's a quick summary of the results. With 304 total votes counted:- 58% of respondents are using some variant of Selenium, with...

Matt Stine10/19/10
5 replies

Automated Browser Testing: What's in Your Toolkit?

It's been awhile since we've had a good poll here on Agile Zone, so here's a question for you: What do you use for automated browser testing? I'm in the midst of preparing several talks for the upcoming Rich Web...

Roshan Dawrani10/18/10
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Groovy++ Goodies (1) – Closure Level Fields

Groovy++ allows you to declare closure level fields using its new @Field annotation.In core groovy, if you need to remember some state across multiple calls to the same closure instance, you need to do it using a variable declared outside the closure scope....

Lyndsey Clevesy10/18/10
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Rapid Prototyping and Development with Flex and Grails

Imagine you've been asked to develop a prototype for a future application and you have a sheet of paper, requirements, and three days to complete the working...

Matt Stine10/15/10
1 replies

On Gaelyks and Golden Hammers

I had a break in my personal speaking schedule today at NFJS in Minneapolis, MN, and I decided to attend Tim Berglund's talk on Gaelyk. Gaelyk is an extremely lightweight Groovy framework for Google App Engine (GAE). During his talk, Tim asserted that Gaelyk...

Jared Richardson10/13/10
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Gossip Game Requirements

Do you remember the "gossip game" we played in elementary school? Our teacher would give one person a sentence or two and ask them to repeat it to the next person. They would repeat the sentence to the next person, and so on, until the last person...

Mykel Alvis10/12/10
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Review of Groovy for Domain-Specific Languages

One of the more widely held beliefs among software developers is that if we can just make the software simple enough to use, we won't have to do quite so much technical support and documentation. ...

Matt Stine10/08/10
7 replies

Build Scripts? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Build Scripts!

Ahh, famous last words of the close-minded programmer.

Mitch Pronschinske10/06/10
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Gaelyk - From 4.4 to 5.5 in Less Than a Month!

The 'lightweight' Groovy toolkit for Google AppEngine (Java) called Gaelyk has made a serious development push in the last month by releasing Gaelyk 0.4.4 on September 10, 0.5 on September 27, and finally 0.5.5 this week.  It seems that the project's open...

Jared Richardson10/06/10
14 replies

You're a Bad Manager. Embrace It.

You manage developers and you'd like to think you're a good manager... but look at the evidence. Most, if not all, of your projects are late. Your team often delivers products riddled with bugs. Quite a few never ship at all. How can you be a good manager if...

Matt Stine10/04/10
2 replies

Automation for the People (because Everybody Doing It Manually Hurts)

Today I'm kicking off a new emphasis here at Agile Zone on software project automation.

Jared Richardson09/29/10
32 replies

You're a Bad Programmer. Embrace It.

How many developers think they're good programmers? We're not. We're all fairly bad at what we do. We can't remember all the methods our code needs to call, so we use autocompleting IDEs to remind us. And the languages we've spent years, in some cases...

Alex Tkachman09/25/10
8 replies

Call for concurrency benchmarks of JVM languages

We live in the era of polyglot programming on JVM. For good (as I believe) or for bad we have now many really nice languages to write for JVM. Clojure, Groovy/Groovy++, JRuby/Mirah, Jython, Scala - just to mention most popular ones in lexicographical order....

Jared Richardson09/22/10
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Process, Agile, and Projecting: Your Way Isn't the Only Way

I remember a topic my childhood pastor would revisit from time to time: "gift projection". Without going deep into the subject, it's the tendency of people to assume that whatever giftings or callings they have are the same ones everyone else should...