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Daily Dose - Virgo M4 Prepares for Equinox Upgrade

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The first beta of the Virgo Web Server (formerly the Spring dm Server) is getting very close now that the Eclipse Foundation released the fourth milestone recently.  M4 features various build and test improvements along with several bugfixes.  OSGi extensions have been changed in preparation for the Equinox 3.6 upgrade and new test cases and test coverage have been implemented.  

Closure Linter Open Sourced with Style
Google recently open sourced its JavaScript Style Guide, and now they've open sourced a tool that will help web developers follow that guide with little manual effort.  The tool is called Closure Linter and it is used internally at Google to save time and improve style and consistency.  You can learn how to use Closure Linter here.

Improved Package Management in openSUSE 11.4
The new features for Novell's next version of openSUSE are beginning to roll in with the recent release of milestone one.  OpenSUSE 11.4 now includes Libzypp 8.1, a new http and ftp downloading backend.  Libzypp includes zsync, which speeds up package downloading, and Metalink, which allows downloading from many servers in parallel.  The final version of openSUSE 11.4 is slated for March 2011.

TorqueBox Beta21 Focused on Messaging and Ruby Packaging
This new beta version of JBoss' TorqueBox, a Ruby application platform, focuses on messaging (tasks and processors) and Ruby integration packaging.  In Beta21 you can run processors outside of the actual TorqueBox AS, facilitating lightweight farms of Ruby workers fed through HornetQ.  There are also improvements in the Rack integration layer.  TorqueBox Beta21 now uses JRuby 1.5.2.

A Periodic Table for HTML
A creative reference sheet for the 104 elements in the HTML5 working draft.
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