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Daily Dose - Can We Stop Talking About the iPhone Antenna Now?

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In this week's edition of 'Media Frenzy Over Basically Nothing,' Apple finally called a press conference to end all the crazy talk about possible recalls and "Antennagate".  Apple CEO Steve Jobs threw up some stats during their presentation showing that 0.55% of iPhone 4 customers had called about the antenna issues and 1.7% had been returned (compared to the 6% of 3GS phones returned during its launch).  To conclude, Jobs announced that Apple was going to do the charitable thing and give everyone a free case.  People who bought a bumper already can return them for a refund.  Are we done now?

RiftSaw 2.1 Final Relased
The newest release of JBoss' BPEL engine is now available.  RiftSaw 2.1 features support for WS-Security in conjunction with JBossWS-CXF.  2.1 has UDDI registration and lookup along with a number of bugfixes and an update to version 1.3.4 of Apache ODE (which RiftSaw is built on).  The persistence layer has been migrated to a pure JPA approach.

PHP Devs Will Get Their Shot at Android
The PHP for Android project has begun, and they plan on creating tools, documentation, and a Zend model of PHP programming to make Android app development easy for the PHP developer.  PHP for Android will do this by updating the Scripting Layer for Android.

Firefox Home Gets iPhone Real Estate
The Firefox Home app has finally been approved on the iPhone.  It provides the functionality of Firefox Sync without the browser.  Instead it lets you sync bookmarks and tabs with your desktop's browser and then opens them in Safari.  Apple has given the app a naughty content warning, but apparently they do this with a lot of apps that don't deserve the label.  If they were really fair about it, MobileMe would also have this label.  

The Kiwis Reject Software Patents
Have you heard the news?  New Zealand is on the verge of ending software patents in their country. 
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