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Groovy 1.7.3 released

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Time for a new release!
Groovy 1.7.3 is out, on the shelves, ready to be unleashed in your projects!

You can download Groovy at the usual place:
(Note that you can also live on the edge these days, as we now publish regular snapshots of Groovy 1.7 and 1.8 automatically, as explained further down on the Download page)

You can look at the JIRA release notes here:

In particular, you may be interested in the following new features:

  • new AST transformations, like @Synchronized (safer use of synchronization) and @InheritConstructors (nice for inheriting Exception constructors)
  • first() / last() / head() / tail() methods on arrays for consistency with lists (primitive arrays not covered yet)
  • some BigDecimal handling improvements for better results on some edge cases calculations
  • an update to the static imports for properties
  • new method on Date so you can do cal[DAY_OF_WEEK] = MONDAY
  • new String handling methods, like capitalize(), UNIX's tr(), expand()/unexpand(), as well as stripIndent() and stripMargin()
  • a nice Groovy icon for the Groovy Swing Console on Mac OS X

Thanks a lot to everybody for their feedback, contributions, and their support towards this release!

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Richard Osbaldeston replied on Tue, 2010/06/15 - 6:02am

What's the likely impact this release has on IDE integrations? should it be considered a bugfix or avoid updating any bundled groovy.jars until the various plugins update themselves. Seems to contain some syntax changes so I'd guess the latter.

Guillaume Laforge replied on Wed, 2010/06/16 - 4:28am in response to: Richard Osbaldeston

Richard, this is mainly an incremental improvement version. Except perhaps some specific support an IDE might have for newer AST transformations, otherwise, there's nothing special that would make this release incompatible with the various IDE supports.

Andrew Eisenberg replied on Sun, 2010/06/20 - 10:20am in response to: Richard Osbaldeston

The dev snapshots of Groovy-Eclipse already contain 1.7.3 and the soon to be released 2.0.2 will as well. There are no major impacts to the workings of the IDE due to this upgrade of groovy.

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