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Gradle 0.9 released

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The Gradle team is pleased to announce the release of Gradle 0.9. This is a massive release and includes a huge number of changes since Gradle 0.8.
This release adds some major new features to Gradle, including:
* Incremental build* Simple build composition using scripts* Parallel test execution and other testing features* New plugins, including plugins for IDEA project generation, Antlr support, and generating announcements from your build* New tasks, including Exec, JavaExec and others* Build profiler* Gradle build language reference guide* The experimental Gradle daemon
Read more in the release notes:
Downloads available at:

New features since 0.9-rc-3:
* A reference guide for the Gradle build language
* Upgraded to Groovy 1.7.6

Deprecations since 0.9-rc-3:
* The 'scriptDestinationPath' and 'jarPath' properties of the Wrapper task have been replaced by the 'scriptFile' and 'jarFile' properties.

Breaking changes since 0.9-rc-3:
* The Wrapper task now generates the wrapper jar and properties files into $projectDir/gradle/wrapper by default. The Gradle Team.

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